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September 8, 2012
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First RomanoxReader so be nice 83
and become one with the tomatoes,yes?

-With love, from Italy-

It was early in the morning when you scrambled to get yourself up from the warm comfort that is your blankets and your bed. With annoyance covering your face, you slammed your phone hard as to try to turn off the alarm that screeched to what seems like eternity.

"Just shut up already!" you grumpily hissed as you blindly searched for your fuzzy slippers.

You really did hate waking up so early in the morning but you couldn't resist on picking up your friend from the airport. It has been several days since she called you and complained about how time went so fast and she has to go back from Italy. You've heard so much good things about the said country from your best friend, it almost sounded like it was heaven on earth or something.

"Man… she could be so overexcited sometimes…" you giggled as you remembered how she spilled all her joy and excitement over the phone when a certain Feliciano Vargas asked her to be his girlfriend. Certainly your friend was one hell of a lucky girl; the guy's the personification of Northern Italy for goodness sakes!

Your lazy mind lingered into different thoughts as you realized that your own love life was going nowhere. You just had to shrug that off everyday… and today wasn't an exception. After fixing yourself, you pulled out your purse and slipped on your favorite boots and took off without even putting some powder on. Typical you.
As soon as you were in the airport, you took a seat in the nearby waiting area and checked the time.

"too damn early." You groaned.

With nothing to do, you pulled out your earphones and your ipod and clicked shuffle. You didn't really sleep well last night and your eyes are still droopy and tired from the late night sleep. 'Just a few minutes…' you mumbled to yourself as the sweet relaxing music drowned you into sleep.

"_____?"  a hazy voice murmured

You tried to open your eyes a little but your vision was a complete blur

"_______!" the voice boomed in chorus with the blasting loud Italian song that probably sounds like Pavarotti. 'Darn! I have to delete that song one day!' you noted yourself, still shocked from the sudden loud sounds.

You sat up straight and gave another look at the clearing figure staring right at you in the face. It was your best friend who had her arms folded right in front of her chest. "______, silly sorella… you're supposed to pick me up right? Not fall asleep on me." she chuckled

Your cheeks turned bright red in embarrassment. 'Damn it ______! Why'd you fall asleep in such time like this!?' you scolded yourself as you gave a faint laugh and scratched the back of your head.

Your best friend pulled you into a tight hug and twirled you around like she won the jackpot in some lottery. "I've had the best year of my life sorella! I'm going to miss Italy so much…" she trailed off

"More like… I'm going to miss Feliciano Vargas so much" you chuckled

Your friend's face quickly turned into what looks like a ripe tomato at the mere mention of the Italian's name. Ah, that's usual for your friend… she's easily flustered by such things.

The two of you went on with your usual routine; going around the mall, eating a whole lot of different kinds of food, the usual catching up chats and not to mention the great biography of Feliciano's life. You just laughed at your friend, you knew she was really in love and there's really nothing you could do to make her shut up. Nightfall finally came and your friend decided to stay at your place since her family isn't back from heaven knows where.

"Hey miss Juliet!" you teased her "would you like some gelato with that cheesy stories of yours?"

"Aw! I love gelato! I would love to have some… where'd you buy it?" she asked curiously as she shuffled through her belongings

"A certain Italian helped me" you winked, placing the glass bowl full of gelato on your desk

"You're so sweet~ come here!" she squeaked as she pulled you into a rather tight hug that made the both of you tumble to the floor.

"Let go of me you idiot! I can't breathe!" you ranted as you smacked her hard on the forehead

"You're so grumpy! You're just like Lovino!" she huffed as she turned her attention to the glass bowl sitting on your desk

"Who the hell is Lovi- wait… Is that your boyfriend's older brother?" you asked as you pulled yourself up.

"Why yes~ I've been telling you so much about my boyfriend… but you seem rather interested in his brother" she winked as she took a spoonful of gelato. Talk about eating like there's no tomorrow.

You simply rolled your eyes and proceeded to the end of the bed where you opened your laptop. Yet again, the Italian couple couldn't resist on chatting forever online. The good thing is you met Feliciano through the webcam conversation. In all honesty he is adorable… but then you noticed a similar looking Italian sulking behind him.

"Is that Lovino?" you mindlessly muttered, forgetting that you're online and Feliciano can hear you

"Veh… Why~a there he is! Say hello fratello!" Feliciano said in a singing cheery tone but all he got as a reply was a slight groan and some Italian curses that you couldn't understand.

"That's typical of Lovino" your friend chuckled "Buona notte Feli! Mi manchi!" your friend bid the Italian a goodbye as they both gave each other flying kisses. 'ew. Cheesy.' You thought to yourself

"Ho una sorpresa per te dopo sei mesi il mio amore! Ci vediamo molto presto!" the Italian said in a sweet tone in chorus with his brother's irritated "HANG UP ALREADY"

-Feliciano Vargas logged off-

"you know… Lovino blushed when he saw you" your friend said in a-matter-of-fact tone.

"Shut it [bf/n]! That's impossible. You know how Italian guys can be so picky!" you groaned as you tried to get your friend off your shoulder "besides… he looks grumpy and unsociable" you added

"Let's see about that~" she hummed. another evil plan in store for you, huh?

-6 months later-

"Oh mio Dio! You Wouldn't believe it! Oh mio! Non riesco a smettere di sorridere come un idiota!" you friend squeaked as she jumped up and down pulling you along with her

"Whoa there! Hold your Italian! I don't understand you!"  you complained as you tried to steady your dizzy self

"Guess what! GUESS WHAT!" she pulled you yet again, making that awfully adorable goofy grin

"You won yourself a gelato or something?" you snickered

"No!" she said, a bit irritated "Feliciano just sent me tickets to Italy!"

Your eyes widened as she gave off more of her goofy looks. She was a really lucky girl to have a free ticket straight to Italy. Well what did you expect? Her boyfriend IS Italy.

"Oh… good for you then." You trailed off with a ting of envy hanging at the end of your sentence

"What's with the frown, sorella? You're coming right? Who else will I take with me?" she squeaked again as the ticket somehow magically became two.

"WHAT THE- are you serious!?" your heart started to beat fast as your brain registered the two tickets staring straight back at you

"Well… they got an extra ticket and decided to send it along with mine. Guess who it's from, sorella~" your friend teased you "Lo~vi~noooo~"

You blushed dark red as your friend kept on teasing you with the dark haired Italian *cough* jerk. Trying to be cool, you shrugged it off and changed the topic.

"Oh sorella~ you're going to love Italy~"

"I hope I don't fall too hard…" you mumbled
I was reading :iconstellaclaire:'s Attraversiamo
it's an ItalyxReader and it's really cute~
so this is like the "continuation" of the series

I picked Romano because... :">
I like Romano~ he's so grumpy but he still manages to be cute~
:iconyayromanoplz: <---see? *fangirl squeal*

You guys should check out her work: [link]

some of the following chapters are related to
the previous ones... so it may help you relate~
I requested for her to make me a part two for Romano
so I'm excited for what she will come up with~yay!


Prologue: Here!
Part 1: [link]
Part 2:[link]
Part 3: [link]

Hetalia belongs to zhe awesome Himaruya~


Part 1 is out! :)
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